„Russia prohrává válku, pokud spojenci Ukrajiny přispějí jen 0,25 % svého HDP na úsilí Ukrajiny“ – Estonský premiér

Kaja Kallas, the Prime Minister of Estonia, emphasized during a joint press conference with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer in Vienna on Feb. 8 that if Ukraine’s partners donated just 0.25% of their GDP to Ukraine’s struggle against Russia, it would be enough to „win the war“. Kallas pointed out that the military strength of the coalition supporting Ukraine is 13 times greater than Russia’s, as evidenced by their defense budgets. She urged all countries supporting Ukraine to truly commit and provide assistance amounting to 0.25% of their GDP, as this contribution is vital for victory.

In addition, Kallas stated that it is time to consider using frozen Russian assets for the reconstruction of Ukraine. Estonia has already taken the initiative by submitting a relevant bill at the national level to allow for the use of these assets. Kallas expressed hope that other EU member countries would follow suit and take similar actions.

Note: The content has been translated to Czech, as requested.

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